You can see a few of the objects we have built by clicking on the link PROJECTS. Therefore, we are only listing some of the investors for whom we have worked, in Germany as well as Croatia.

Investors in the Federal Republic of Germany:
- MAX BOGL GmbH - Sengenthall - Neumarkt
- B + BERGER GmbH - Niederllasung Dusseldorf
- HOCHTIEF AG - Niederllasung Essen
- WALTER BAU AG - Niederllasung Koln
- OHLENFORST Gmbh - Huckelhoven
- LEONARD WEISS Gmbh - Niederllasung Suttgart

Investors in the Republic of Croatia:
- INPRO d.d.
- HUP d.d.
- VIPNET d.d.

In addition to performing work for well-known investors, the majority of our work in Croatia is for independent investors/contractors. For the present, we are generally working on small residential buildings (so-called “urban villas”), in which we apply all the knowledge we have acquired on the western market, with particular emphasis upon quality, the most modern technology and meeting construction deadlines. Our approach is also known to ZAGREBACKA BANKA d.d., which monitors our operations regularly and provides our customers with housing loans.

Regarding the quality of the buildings constructed, one of the most important tasks that we are working on at the moment at SABE-ING d.o.o. is the introduction of the ISO 9001 Standards, in order to be on an equal footing other world-class construction firms .

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