In the month of February 2006, we begin construction of the residential/business building at the address Cernicka 36, Zagreb. The gross developed area is 654.86 m2 and consists of a basement, ground floor, first floor, second floor and attic with a gallery. The completion of all the work is planned for December 2006 //January 30, 2006//

  In late August 2005, we completed work on one of the largest sugar refineries in the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany. The major construction work was completed three months before the deadline. Owing to the quality and punctuality of the work performed, there are plans for signing a contract for a similar object in the region of Bayern. //September 2, 2005//
  The company SABE-ING d.o.o. is listed by the Bureau for Commercial Research as one of the most successful companies in the territory of the Republic of Croatia. We are among the first 3% according to newly created wealth, according to income among the first 5%, and according to profits realized among the first 8% of all the Croatian companies. //May 5, 2005//

We have begun work at the building site Landesmesse Stuttgart Stuttgart. This is currently the largest open construction site in Europe. The company SABE-ING d.o.o. has work contracted until the end of July 2006 and is represented by approximately 150 employees and engineers. Regarding the time situation, it is assumed that the work will be prolonged until the end of September 2006. //April 1, 2005//


We have completed the handover and acceptance of one of the most modern auto showrooms for the German auto company MERCEDES-BENZ. The building is located in the city of Cologne. Considering its specific features and technical requirements, it was completed in record time. Naturally, the customer was satisfied regarding all the quality criteria. /March 28, 2005//


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