The company SABE-ING d.o.o. is a limited liability company engaged in construction work, commerce, engineering, management and construction consulting.
The owner, Nikša Vuković, founded the company in 1993 in Putinjak, located in Selce on the island of Brač, with the goal of offering his future business associates and customers a broad spectrum of construction and consulting services. Soon after the company was founded, it appeared on the demanding western market (the Federal Republic of Germany), where it has remained up to the present, in addition to the Croatian market.
Based upon these experiences, we have based our vision upon continuous improvements in the quality of services, the most modern technology and respect for deadlines. The quality of the finished buildings is among the most important indicators of the operations of the company SABE-ING d.o.o., in which we use the most modern technology.
In order to provide our customers with complete security, the company SABE-ING d.o.o. guarantees its buildings for many years.
Through improvements in building solutions, investment in know-how and upgrading of the designing and building team, the company SABE-ING d.o.o. currently provides the following services:
- building construction
- apartment sales
- designing and professional consultation
- finishing work
- reconstruction of buildings and adaptations
- construction engineering
- professional supervision
The vision of the company SABE-ING d.o.o. is based upon providing high quality services, in our desire to satisfy the requirements of our customers and business associates.

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